NBA News - Lakers star Lebron James Spotted About ESPN


In a ESPN survey under ten scouts and executives from the NBA, Lebron James did not receive a single voice as currently best player of the league. In the social media, King then mocked the outcome of the survey.

i added 6 expansion teams to the nba and it BROKE the game!

In an Instagram story, James reacted with numerous, hearty-laughing Emojis and the Hashtag Washedking. On Twitter he increased this Hashtag to Superwashed before writing: Thank you! As if I would not need more motivation.

In the survey of espn received the question of the currently best player of the NBA Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant the only votes, LeBron went empty. Both the reigning champion and the Nets-Star each received five votes from the ten anonymous scouts and executives.

According to Tim Bontemps by espn, who performed the survey, however, several respondents have long thought about whether they should not give their voice to the Lakers star before deciding on Durant or Giannis.

As a crucial factor, Bontemps Lebron's age was announced, the four-time champion is 37 years old in December. For the first time he missed great parts of the playing time for the first time in his career. Before his ankle injury in March he was traded as one of the MVP candidates. Ultimately, he put 25 points, 7.8 assists and 7.7 rebounds in 45 games in the regular season.

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Ever got James in the annual survey no single voice after the Lakers had missed the playoffs in 2019. In the following season he led the traditional franchise from Hollywood to the title. Also in the coming year, the Lakers plan a renewed attack with a reforested squad around James and Anthony Davis as well as the newcomers like Russell Westbrook or Carmelo Anthony.